The Good Enough Spouse

Do you and your spouse fight endlessly? Are you both silent and distant? Reasons for marital strife are endless: changes in personality, boredom, alcoholism, loneliness, money issues, midlife crisis and, in some cases, affairs. When a marriage fails, both partners are responsible for not making the relationship work. Successful marriages are composed of two people who have the courage to actively explore ways to communicate, compromise and collaborate.

Marriages do not flourish due to some outside force. Dr. William E. Ward reveals how gaining the power to maintain a healthy, happy marriage is within your reach if you take the steps he advocates. With over thirty years of experience counseling couples, Dr. Ward provides the keys to making your marriage a successful one.

  • How to turn marital conflict into an opportunity for growth
  • How not to repeat past mistakes
  • How to select a partner for healthy reasons
  • How to avoid common missteps and forge a fulfilling relationship

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